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Our objective

Parlana was born with the idea of helping people who are not in a Spanish speaking country to practice the language. We know from our experience how hard it is to learn a language and how easy it is to forget it when it is not possible to practice it. That is why our goal is to help you master the Spanish language with guided classes designed to learn and practice the grammar that the student needs.

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The mission of Parlana Spanish Practice, is to help foreign students or people who want to practice their Spanish (to reinforce it and or not to lose it). We do this through guided conversations ideal for the student to practice, while providing grammatical knowledge through online classes.


To become a recognized agency in the region for the trust and excellence provided to our clients, giving them services that will leave them satisfied with their goals.

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Estefanía Lescano

CEO & Instructor

María de Lourdes

Academic Director & Instructor

Fabricio Vásquez

Instructor & Sales Agent

Joshua Ramírez

IT Advisor

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